afk Set an AFK status to display when you are mentioned afk
afk set Set an AFK status to display when you're mentioned, and change nickname on server. afk set [status]
afk ignore Use in a channel to not return from AFK when talking in that channel. afk ignore
flipcoin Flip a coin. flipcoin
google Get search results from google google [search string]
info Get bot info. info
rps Rock Paper Scissors with the bot. rps [choice]
serverinfo Get server info/stats. serverinfo
serverinvite Create an invite to this server. serverinvite
whois Get user information. whois [user mention]
roll Roll the dice roll [number of dice]
uptime Get bot uptime uptime
randomcolor Generates a random hex color with preview. randomcolor
membercount Get the server member count. membercount
blacklist Add a url or comma separated list of urls to automod whitelist blacklist [url]
whitelist Add a url or comma separated list of urls to automod whitelist whitelist [url]
ow Get Overwatch stats ow
ow get Get overwatch stats for a user ow get [battletag]
ow register Register your battletag with the bot. ow register [battletag] [platform=pc|xbl|psn]
addrole Add a new role, with optional color and hoist. addrole [name] [hex color] [hoist]
clearwarn Clear warnings a user clearwarn [user]
delmod Remove a bot moderator delmod [user or role]
delrole Delete a role delrole [role name]
mentionable Toggle making a role mentionable on/off mentionable [role name]
addmod Add a bot moderator or group of moderators. addmod [user or role]
modules List available modules modules
nick Change the bot nickname. nickname [new nickname]
prefix Set prefix for server prefix [prefix]
role Add/remove a user to a role or roles. role [user] [role name]
role user Add/remove a user to a role or roles. role role [user] [role]
role add Add a user to a role or roles. role role add [user] [role]
role remove Remove a user from a role or roles. role role remove [user] [role]
role toggle Toggle a user from a role or roles. role role toggle [user] [role]
role all Add/remove all users to or from a role. (Limit 1 role) role role all [role]
role bots Add/remove all bots to or from a role. role role bots [role]
role humans Add/remove all humans to or from a role. role role humans [role]
role in Add/remove users to or from a role that are in a role. (Limit 1 role) role role in [in role], [role]
listmods List moderators listmods
rolecolor Change the color of a role. rolecolor [role name] [hex color]
command Enable/disable a command command [command name]
purge Delete a number of messages from a channel. (limit 1000) purge [number] (user)
purge any Delete a number of messages from a channel. purge any [number]
purge user Delete messages for a user in the channel. purge [number] [user]
purge match Delete messages containing text. (Limit 100) purge match [text] [number]
purge not Delete messages not containing text. (Limit 100 purge not [text] [number]
purge startswith Delete messages that start with text. (Limit 100) purge startswith [text] [number]
purge endswith Delete messages that ends with text. (Limit 100) purge endswith [text] [number]
purge links Delete a number links posted in the channel. (Limit 100) purge links [number]
purge invites Delete server invites posted in the channel. (Limit 100) purge invites [number]
purge images Delete a number of images in the channel. (Limit 100) purge images [number]
purge mentions Delete messages with mentions in the channel. (Limit 100) purge mentions [number]
module Enable/disable a module module [module name]
setnick Change the nickname of a user. setnick [user] [new nickname]
mute Mute a member so they cannot type or speak, time limit in minutes. mute [user] [minutes] [reason]
ban Ban a member, optional time limit ban [user] [limit] [reason]
clean Cleanup the bot responses clean
warn Warn a member warn [user] [reason]
softban Softban a member (ban and immediate unban to delete user messages) softban [user] [reason]
deafen Deafen a member deafen [user]
unban Unban a member unban [user] (optional reason)
warnings Get warnings for the server or user warnings [user]
undeafen Undeafen a member undeafen [user]
kick Kick a member kick [user] [reason]
unmute Unmute a member unmute [user] (optional reason)
diagnose Diagnose any command or module in the bot to determine if there are any problems.
modlogs Get a list of mod logs for a user modlogs [user]
stop Stop playing stop
play Add a song to queue and play play [url]
volume No longer available for performance. Use the volume command for more info. volume
queue List the songs in queue queue list
queue list List the songs in the music queue. queue list
queue remove Remove a song from the music queue. queue remove [number]
queue clear Clears the entire music queue (Irreversable). queue queue clear
queue repeat Enable/disable repeating the music queue. queue queue repeat
queue shuffle Shuffle the music queue. queue queue shuffle
yt Youtube commands yt [song name]
yt search Search for a song on youtube yt search [song name]
yt next Get the next search result yt next
yt prev Get the previous search result yt prev
yt add Add the last search result to queue. yt add
skip Skip the currently playing song skip
delrank Delete a rank delrank [role name]
rank Join/leave a rank. rank [rank name]
ranks Get a list of joinable ranks. ranks
roleinfo Get information about a role. roleinfo
addrank Add a new rank for members to join, works with existing or new roles. addrank [name] (hex color) (hoist)
roles Get a list of server roles and member counts. roles
tag Get or create a tag tag [tag name]
tag get Get a tag by name. tag get [tag name]
tag create Create a new tag. tag create [tag name] [content]
tag edit Edit an existing tag. tag edit [tag name] [content]
tag delete Delete an existing tag. tag delete [tag name]
tags Get a list of tags, use the tag command to fetch a tag. tags